API Overview

Trinsic's APIs

As we have worked with the open source decentralized identity community over the last 2 years, the team at Trinsic developed API abstractions to make it easier to implement self-sovereign identity. We base our APIs on the Aries DotNet Framework.

We have created two different APIs to facilitate DID communication between many different forms of Aries agents.

  • Credentials API

    • This API gives organizations the tools necessary to create, issue, verify, and manage verificable credentials for their organization.
  • Wallet API

    • This API gives organizations and individuals the ability to create and manage a secure custody wallet.

Credentials API

  • The API Reference is hosted on our documentation site.
  • We also have an interactive swagger reference on Swaggerhub.
  • Follow the getting started guide to learn about authentication and the concepts of SSI before you get started.

Wallet API Resources

SDKs and Resources

We've published SDKs in C# and Javascript for the Credentials API.

We have open sourced the configurations and some samples on github:

We are planning to release additional SDKs in other web languages. Please contact us if you are interested in using a different language SDK for your application.


When backwards-incompatible changes are made to the API, a new version is released. You will only need to specify a version if you would like to test a newer version of the API without doing a full upgrade. See our API Changelog for a full list of breaking changes.


Trinsic uses RESTful HTTP response codes to indicate the result of each API request. Each endpoint has documented error codes if specific numbers mean something unique. In general 2xx indicates success, 4xx indicates an input error, and 5xx indicates an error on Trinsic's end. If a 5xx error occurs, please let us know and we'll fix it.