What we do

Welcome to Trinsic. We make it easy to implement Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) based on Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs), a new digital identity standard. Our software is based on the open-source Hyperledger Aries project, to which we are a primary contributor.

Together with proper governance, SSI enables, for the first time, Trust over the IP stack (ToIP). Once trust can effectively be conveyed over IP, a tremendous number of opportunities arise in every industry vertical imaginable. We build the tools to help you capitalize on this opportunity.

We make it easy for you to issue verifiable credentials to individuals on behalf of your organization. These credentials can be used by individuals to prove things about themselves anywhere. We're built on an open source standard, which makes these credentials useful anywhere this protocol is supported. As a business or organization, you can use our API to issue digital certificates.

Want to get started with SSI in 15 minutes? Try our tutorial to get a conceptual walkthrough of a common use case using Trinsic Studio.


We have recently changed our company name from Streetcred ID to Trinsic. Some of the content - particularly code samples and guides - haven't been updated yet to Trinsic. Everything is working just fine, but you might see some references to Streetcred ID as you're looking around.

Our products

Credential products

Trinsic Studio

Trinsic Studio is the quickest way to issue and manage interoperable verifiable credentials.

Trinsic Studio allows anyone to set up an organization and issue verifiable credentials to others. It will send credentials to any Aries protocol compliant agent and is designed for businesses to quickly get up and running.

While Trinsic's APIs allow developers to have powerful flexibility with how they build apps, Trinsic Studio gives a simple way to interact with our API without needing to write any code.

Learn more about how to use it here, or get started right away.

Credentials API

The Credentials API gives you the ability to spin up enterprise agents hosted on our servers but controlled by you. These enterprise agents are capable of managing complex workflows related to DIDs (contacts/connections) and VCs (credential issuance, revocation, verification, etc).

This is our flagship product because VC issuance and verification are at the core of every SSI use case. In addition, our competitors are charging an arm and a leg for these credentials, so our providing this service at a fraction of the cost is a huge competitive advantage for us from a growth perspective. Most of the users utilizing the Agency Feature will be building verification use cases. Currently, almost every user does both issuance and verification.

Check out the documentation of this API here.

Service Clients

To make it easier to consume the Credentials API, we have built service clients in multiple languages for your convenience. They allow for easy use of the full range of features of the API without having to manually handle parameters and HTTP requests.

Read more about them here.

Wallet products

Trinsic Wallet

The Trinsic Wallet app, available on both iOS and Android, boasts an updated UI, better performance, and eventually additional features like backup & restore, payments, and credential discovery.

Wallet API

If you’re familiar with Bitcoin, you’ll know there are two ways to invest:

  1. Get your own wallet, manage your own keys, find a crypto exchange, and buy the Bitcoin yourself (again, while protecting your keys); or
  2. Create a Coinbase account and buy some Bitcoin on the app. The reason Coinbase can make the experience so simple is because if you buy Bitcoin through Coinbase, you don’t actually own the Bitcoin – Coinbase does. You make a tradeoff by deciding to trust Coinbase with your keys. Coinbase is your “wallet” in this case.

The Wallet API works this way. An organization can easily create and manage wallets for their users (to hold and exchange credentials) with this feature. Some common use cases are:

  • Guardianship: If a user doesn’t have the ability to have their own wallet (child, dementia, refugee, etc)
  • Delegation: If a user doesn’t want to manage their own wallet
  • User experience: If a company wants to add SSI capabilities into their own app but doesn’t want to implement all of the wallet tech into the app itself
  • Pre-onboarding: If a company wants to pre-populate a wallet with some credentials before giving it to the user

Check out the documentation of this API here.

Mobile Wallet SDK

Build the perfect user experience in your own app, supercharge functionality with decentralized identity, skip the development effort. Oh, and integrate for free.

Read more about it here.

White Label

Trinsic can offer a mobile wallet branded and structured just how you’d like, powered by an enterprise-grade platform.

Learn more about it here.