Before you begin using our API, the first thing to do is create an account with Trinsic Studio. Navigate to and create an account.

API keys

Our API is secured using two secrets that provide access control and subscription access.

  • Access Tokens are unique for each organization.
  • Subscription Keys are shared for all organizations in an account.

These keys are used for access control to the API. Do not share the keys with anyone else and always make sure they are stored in a secure storage. Both keys are required in the header to make calls to the API.


All API requests must be made over HTTPS to succeed. Requests made to the API are protected with OAuth 2.0 Bearer authentication. In order to authenticate properly, you must include both of the correctly formatted secrets listed above in the headers. Requests that are not properly authenticated will return a 401 error code.

Accessing your keys and secrets on Trinsic Studio

Creating an organization

If you haven't already registered an organization, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Trinsic Studio home page.
  2. Click on the + Organization button.
  3. Complete the "Add Organization" form.

Find your API Keys on Trinsic Studio

If you need to find your API Keys, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Trinsic Studio home page.
  2. Find the organization you wish to access.
  3. Click on the organization card.
  4. Your Access Token and Subscription Key are listed on the Organization overview. Click one of them to copy it to your clipboard.

Consume the APIs

Our API is accessed completely through RESTful services. In addition to manually managing credentials in Trinsic Studio, we have provided a few options to programmatically consume the API.

Before you begin, please take note of the secrets you created in Trinsic Studio. You will need both your Access Token and your Subscription Key.

Pre-built packages

To simplify access to the Credentials API, we have published service clients in common languages for your use.

.NET Core via Nuget

NPM and Nodejs

Call the REST API directly

To call the REST API directly, add the Access Token and Subscription Token to each call in the request headers.

X-Streetcred-Subscription-Key<subscription key>Found in Trinsic Studio under Keys and Secrets
AuthorizationBearer <access token>Found in Trinsic Studio under Keys and Secrets

See our API Reference for more detailed documentation.

Swagger UI Playground

If you choose to use the Swagger UI Playground, you will need to click on the Authorize button or any one of the open lock icons to enter your Access Token and Subscription Key.