Trinsic Studio


The quickest way to issue and manage interoperable verifiable credentials, supported by Trinsic's world-class engineering team.

Our Trinsic Studio allows anyone to set up an organization and issue verifiable credentials to others. It will send credentials to any Aries protocol compliant agent and is designed for businesses to quickly get up and running.

While Trinsic's APIs allow developers to have powerful flexibility with how they build apps, Trinsic Studio gives a simple way to interact with our API without needing to write any code.

We'd be happy to show it to you in person. SSI is hard to understand, and we're here to be your guide. Trinsic Studio is the result of many years of experience in the decentralized identity space.

Using Trinsic Studio

Understanding your agency

Your Agency is the set of agents that you control. Your Trinsic account enables you to create as many agents as you'd like.

Register an organization

To create an organization, log in to the developer portal and click the + Organization button. Give your organization a name (will be visible to other agents you interact with), a logo (optional - a stock photo will be generated if you don't provide a logo), and select the network the agent will be configured to. An organization can only be configured to one network. Some networks are only available on paid subscriptions.

When you create an organization, the following things occur:

  • A cloud agent spins up on our enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure in a dedicated tenant
  • A public DID and Verkey are written to the network you specify
  • A wallet is created for your organization
  • A unique endpoint is created specifically for your agent

A UI element will be created on your screen for the organization you've created. It will display the name, image, and network you specified during the creation step. Click on that element to begin issuing credentials, get API keys, and more.

All actions you take through Trinsic Studio and the Credentials API are scoped to an organization.

Manage your account

From the Trinsic Studio dashboard, you'll see a graph of your DIDComm usage and a breakdown of your billing information.


Webhooks are an easy way to get notified of events and interactions that happen with your organizations. For example, when a user sends a credential request to one of your organizations, an event object of type credential_request will be created. If you have a registered Notification Webhook then that event will be sent to the saved endpoint.

You can view and create webhooks on Trinsic Studio. See our page on webhooks for more details on how to integrate and a full list of webhook events.