Trinsic Wallet

The key entity in decentralized identity is the individual. One of the most powerful changes to technology has been the mobile phone. It is both an incredibly empowering device, but also can an instrument for surveillance and manipulation. The mobile experience around decentralized identity is very important to get right.

At Trinsic, we have built a mobile wallet that can give any individual the power to control their online identity. Just like a rudder controlling a large ship, the mobile phone will be the fulcrum from which individuals can control all their data online in the future.

Our mobile identity wallet is free for all individuals and completely interoperable with the Aries protocols that are defined through the open standards process.

We are eager for organizations to begin utilizing these standards.

We have some resources to help organizations begin building their own digital identity wallets

Testing with the digital wallet

Our Identity wallet is also designed to be a tool for developers to test their applications before distributing to users. We have highly descriptive error messages and details on what needs to be changed to be compliant to aries.

Many organizations use the Trinsic Wallet to test whether their agents are compliant with protocol.